Question that are Asked

Question About Cattle

Q. Why should we buy grass finished instead of conventional?

Let me say this. Beef is a great source of protein Period. For our farm and our situation we feel it works better for us.

  1. Higher in o mega 3s, CLA (conjugated Linoleic Acid), and more vitamins.

  2. Less chance of getting contaminated with e coli.

  3. better for the environment.

  4. can sequester more Carbon.

  5. Fewer calories.

  6. Low amount of saturated fats.

  7. hormone free.

Q. Do you use Antibiotics or Growth Hormones?


Q. When do you calve?

Both Spring and Fall

Q How big are your pastures and how often do you rotate?

Pasture are 8-13 acres all of which have fresh water and trees for shade. Sheep go first for 2-3 days then cattle 2-4 days.

Q. What do you do in the winter?

We feed dry round hay bales out in the fields to help get the manure spread where we want or should i say where the soil needs organic matter.

Q. Do you Pen them in a corral or do they roam free?

They have 150 acres they can go on in the winter plus buildings and protection areas they can go when weather is bad. They are only penned up at calving, sorting, weighing, and preg checking.

Q. Why do sheep go ahead of cattle?

Cattle and sheep like different things what cattle don't like sheep think "oh dessert" plus if sheep are forces to eat to close to the ground they will pick up parasites.

Q. Why don't you rotate every day?

Its what works for us with sometimes 2 groups of cattle following the sheep the last groups of cattle are off before its eaten down to far.

Q. Are you Organic?

We follow organic practices but are not certified at this time.

Q. How is Manure Handled?

We like to compost it, hauling both spring and fall. With it composted the plants can use it much faster.

Q. Is the Meat USDA inspected?

It can be USDA or state Inspected.

Question about Meat

Q. How much meat do you get in a 1/4?

It's comes to about 10% of the live weight. If the steer weighs 1200 you'll get about 120lbs. 36lbs Hamburger, 36lbs steaks, 36lbs roast, 12lbs other.

Q. How much space does a 1/4 take up in a freezer?

About 4 cu.ft.

Q. What if i want it cut up different?

That's ok but you must understand that the cost of processing may be higher.

Q. How do you transport the Meat?

The meat is frozen put in Grizzly coolers that were placed in freezers the night before and delivered to you by someone from the farm. That way you'll be able to get to know the person who raised and cared for the animal you have purchased.

Q. How do you Determine your Price for Beef?

We charge .50 more per lb. live weight then conventional cattle bring along with checking Aug. meat prices at area stores. Excluding sales we will not be under sold and you're buying small amounts at a time.

Q. Can I get less then a 1/4 may be a 1/8?

We will not deliver less then a 1/4 but if you can find someone else that wants a 1/8 and would pick it up at your location. We could do that.

Question about Lamb

Q. At what weight do you butcher lamb?

90-100 lbs. we feel that's the best flavor for our cross-breed.

Q. About how much meat is in a whole lamb?

For that size about 35lbs.

Q. When would meat be available?

Because of when we lamb the earliest would be the end of August through December. It also depends on locker space so you need to reserve your lamb a head of time.

Q. Are they grass fed or grained?

Lambs are grass-finished.

Q. Do you have to take a whole lamb?

You can take a 1/2 or whole.

Q. How do you determine your price for sheep?

We use the average price at Kalona IA during the months that we would have been selling from the previous year. Making sure we are less then at any store.