Grass finished Beef and Lamb

Welcome to Heathered Ridge Farm, located in the rolling hills of Northeast Iowa. We strive for healthy soil, healthy plants, healthy animals. Health=Happy

Our White Park cattle graze the hills . This British breed is known for the ability to grow well on grass. Their mothering and good temperament make them great to work with. Although our herd isn't completely purebred yet, they all grow great calves that finish well on pasture.

Our flock of sheep is primarily made up of Shetland/ Bluefaced Leicester ewes .With this cross the ewes are great mothers, and still have wonderful fleeces! Rita is a fiber artist to that is important to her. These ewes are bred to a Texel ram for our market lambs that grow great on grass. These lambs are well muscles, lean and great tasting!

We offer for sale our delicious pasture finished meats, along with a variety of other products from our farm; from raw fleeces to hand spun yarn, hand dyed wool to blankets and dog beds, young breeding stock and knitted apparel ,dried flower wreaths and hand made soaps. We would love to share our bounty with you.

Gold at the end of the rainbow, healthy soil

Healthy soil means less erosion, more water retention, carbon sequestration. No over grazing, minimal tillage.

Summer pasture

We say pasture fed, a good pasture has a variety of plants; grasses, legumes, forbs. Variety the spice of life.. and health.

Bluebell and Kate

Our animals can feast on lush pasture, rotated often. Each paddock has water, shade and plenty of room to roam.

Beautiful Sunset

Maya and her Cattle