Welcome to Heathered Ridge Farm located in the rolling hills of Northeast Iowa. Our 3rd generation family farm consists of Lowell and Rita along with their three kids Grant, Anna and Maya. We have a fiber flock of sheep and angora goats raised on rotationally grazed pastures. Rita has been crossbreeding the flock to have the best quality wool in length, crimp and softness, trying to extract the unique characteristics of different breeds including Romney, Rambouillet , Wensleydale and Blue Face Leicester.  We also have a separate flock of Shetlands.

A variety of products are offered for sale; from raw fleeces to hand spun yarn, hand dyed wool to blankets and dog beds, young breeding stock to lamb meat, and knitted apparel to hand made soaps. In 2008 a 30' X 96' high tunnel (greenhouse) was constructed and later expanded to 30' X 172' in 2010 so we could extend the growing season for our organic vegetable garden. Rita will soon have a straw bale studio for her shop. This will be uniquely special place for her to spin wool and mohair, weave, felt and teach classes. Come back and watch the progress on the construction of the straw bale studio and enjoy life on the farm as we go from lambing season to winter in Iowa.